Sports Massage Medway

Body Good Therapies specialises in advanced sports massage techniques.

Sports Massage Medway

For anyone who regularly participates in sporting activities it is very common to experience muscular soreness, tightness, minor strains and sprains.

It’s these types of complaints that often turn into chronic niggles! They never seem serious enough when they first appear to get something done about them. Then just when you’ve got an event or a race coming up, is the moment that niggle suddenly gets a whole lot worse. Sending you panicking trying to get a last minute physio appointment and of course your physio is booked solid that week.

This is where Body Good Therapies can help you. This is a hands on therapeutic treatment based on anatomy and muscle function. Do not expect just to be given exercises and sent away. It is not to be confused with any kind of massage you’ve had in a spa type setting.

Body Good Therapies clinic in Gillingham, offers a highly qualified sports massage therapist who uses advanced sports massage techniques.

Sports Massage Pre Event

Pre event sports massage treatments are very popular. They can help:

  • Warming up muscles
  • Increase circulation and blood flow to the muscles
  • Stimulate muscles
  • Improve range of movement

Sports Massage Maintenance

Sports massage for maintenance helps by:

  • Reducing the risk of injury
  • Maintaining range of movement
  • Improving recovery from training
  • Boosting circulation
sports massage leg pain

The benefits of a sports massage are

Whether you’re a park runner, triathlete, footballer or a gym lover, a regular sports massage could be the missing element of your training regime.

The main purpose of a sports massage is to enhance performance and reduce the risk of injury. Getting you back to your sport or activity as soon as possible

Improve the healing process

Reduce painful muscle tension

Release painful trigger points

Reduce the risk of injury

Increase range of movement & flexibility

Increase range of movement & flexibility

Reduce the effects of scar tissue & adhesions

"I’ve been seeing Carol for treatments, on a regular basis, for well over a year now and the results I have seen have been exceptional. She has kept me competing at a high level of club hockey, even whilst battling with injuries. She conducts herself in a thoroughly professional manner at all times and is always striving to improve with new treatments and techniques."

Ian Harvey, Gravesend

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