Sports Massage Medway

Body Good Therapies specialises in advanced sports massage techniques.

Sports Massage Medway

Sports massage is a great treatment for runners, cyclists, triathletes, cross fitters and swimmers.

I love being active and have been known to enter the odd race or event. I also know what its like to pick up a few aches and pains along the way. Sometimes running through the pain isn’t a good idea.

If your looking to reduce pain and feel a bit better when you’re out there doing what you love then a good sports massage might just be the very thing!

This treatment can be tailored to what you need.

  • Full Body
  • Upper body - neck, shoulders and back
  • Lower body - hips, legs and feet

Sessions last 60 minutes and cost £45.00.

If you’ve got any questions then give me a call on 07811 388339


sports massage leg pain

The benefits of a sports massage are

Whether you’re a park runner, triathlete, footballer or a gym lover, a regular sports massage could be the missing element of your training regime.

Having a sports massage is a great way to unwind after an event, mentally and physically. Massage is well known for reducing anxiety and depression. I also help my clients understand how their mindset and physical pain are often linked. Understanding pain can also help reduce fear of movement after an injury or an incident of pain such as lower back pain.

Help minor injuries.

Education on pain

Release painful trigger points

Deeply relaxing

Doesn’t have to be painful

Reduce anxiety around moving after injury

"I’ve been seeing Carol for treatments, on a regular basis, for well over a year now and the results I have seen have been exceptional. She has kept me competing at a high level of club hockey, even whilst battling with injuries. She conducts herself in a thoroughly professional manner at all times and is always striving to improve with new treatments and techniques."

Ian Harvey, Gravesend

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