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What is Foundation Training?

Foundation Training is a movement system designed to take you from PAIN to PERFORMANCE.
It can help:

  • Back, shoulder, hip and neck pain
  • Decompress spine
  • Increase core strength
  • Improve shoulder and hip movement
  • Make you feel good
  • Developed by Dr Eric Goodman. Rather than undergo surgery to fuse his lumbar spine, Dr Goodman used his knowledge of anatomy and biomechanics to create a series of exercises that decompressed his spine and improved his movement.

    This system is now being taught to 1000s of people across the world to help them live their lives with less pain.

    Learn Foundation Training

    If you want to learn how to manage your pain, improve movement and feel better then come and try Foundation Training.

    Taster Workshop

    I run regular taster workshops at Meta Evolution Gym in Chatham. These are a perfect opportunity to just try it out. The groups are small so numbers are limited to a maximum of 10 people. The taster workshop lasts for two hours and costs £40.00

    Beginners Course

    6 week beginners courses run regularly and are available online. Each is a small group to ensure you get the learning that you need. They cost £90.00.

    Improvers Online Classses

    Beginners online classes are available. Classes last for 45 minutes and cost £10.00.

    One to One Sessions

    One to one sessions are available online or in my clinic in Rainham. These are perfect to meet your specific needs and to really improve your technique. These cost £40 for 45 minutes.

    Please use the link below to contact me to find our times of workshops, courses and to book one to one sessions.

    Carol x

    Carol Seaborne Foundation Training Instructor Medway Kent
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    Foundation Training is highly adaptable and you don’t need to be fit to start doing it. It can help anyone who suffers with chronic pain - back, neck, shoulder, hip or knee pain. It isn’t a cure but a management program.

    The benefits of Foundation Training are:

    Reduction of pain

    Better movement patterns

    Increased strength

    Improved flexibility

    Higher levels of energy

    Reduction of injuries

    Improved athletic performance

    "I have two annular disc tears in my lumbar spine and battle daily with chronic pain. I have tried many different things to manage my pain. I was surprised by how much better I felt from doing Foundation Training. I feel positive about the relief I gained relatively easily from these exercises. Carol explained it all well and I highly recommend her"

    Nick Frawley, Lower Halstow

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