Foundation Training Workshop

Foundation Training Workshop

You might have tried yoga and pilates before. But you won't have experienced anything quite like Foundation Training before. So the best thing is to come along to one of my workshops and have a go.
It is suitable for most people. You don't have to be really flexible to do it either.

What You Will Learn

Foundation Training works on some basic principles of decompression, expansion and elevation.

You will be taught whole body movements and poses that help you feel better:

  • Decompression Breathing Techniques to lengthen spine and mobilise the ribs.
  • Techniques to improve posture.
  • Healthy Shoulder Position and Movement
  • Healthy Hip Position and how to hip hinge
  • What You Need to Know!

    The workshop lasts for two hours and costs £40.00 per person. You will need to bring your own yoga matt and a bottle of water. There is a maximum of ten people to ensure that you get the teaching and help you need to understand the priniciples.


    The workshops are held at META EVOLUTION GYM in Chatham. There is a free carpark next door to the entrance of Meta.

    Carol teaching Foundation Training to students in Chatham
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    Foundation Training is highly adaptable and you don’t need to be fit to start doing it. It can help anyone who suffers with chronic pain - back, neck, shoulder, hip or knee pain. It isn’t a cure but a management program.

    The benefits of Foundation Training are:

    Reduction of pain

    Better movement patterns

    Increased strength

    Improved flexibility

    Higher levels of energy

    Reduction of injuries

    Improved athletic performance

    "I really enjoyed the workshop. It helped me understand the basid ideas of Foundation Training. I can't wait to start my beginners course"

    Ros, Rochester

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