Sports Massage Therapy – what you need to know!

There are a few things that you can consider to help you get the most out of your sports massage therapy treatment!

Who is Your Sports Massage Therapist?

It is definitely worth checking out who your therapist is and what qualifications they have. Unfortunately there are a lot of weekend or online courses out there that people do. It doesn’t necessarily mean that they might hurt you but they might not have the depth of anatomy training or range of advanced techniques that a therapist with a Level 5 Btec or degree will have. If their prices seem cheap compared to other therapists you need to think why. Remember only a qualified medical doctor can diagnose conditions.

What do You Want From Your Sports Massage Therapy?

Do you want a relaxing and soothing experience? A spa will offer candles and gentle music, maybe hot stones or a Swedish style massage. Sports massage is a therapeutic treatment to help chronic pain, reduce muscle tension, improve range of movement and help minor injuries to heal. It also plays a significant part in preventing injuries which is why so many sports people have regular massage.

What to wear!

All good therapists will use towels to keep you warm and to cover areas of the body that aren’t being worked on. You can help by wearing loose clothing, a t-shirt and shorts with an elasticated waist also helps. You can bring these items of clothing with you and get changed when you arrive if you’re coming straight from work. Being able to easily access the tops of the hamstrings or the lower back during treatment allows the therapist to make sure they treat you properly and don’t miss anything out! Ladies don’t turn up in a sports bra, especially if you are having your back treated! A good therapist should explain when and why they need to undo your bra strap and of course if you’re not happy then say so. They can work around it.

Food & Drink

Don’t have a huge meal before a treatment. If you’re having to lay on your tummy it might not be too comfortable. If you need to eat then just have something simple and easily digested. Being well hydrated before helps to keep your muscles and fascia softer and may mean that the massage is less painful. Don’t drink alcohol as you may be turned away.

When is the Best Time for a Sports Massage?

For competitive athletes or sports people you need to take into consideration timing of matches, races and training schedule. This will effect what kind of treatment may be given. Pre event treatments given on the day should be to wake up and stimulate the muscles rather than a deep therapeutic treatment. Post event treatments are geared towards recovery of muscle tissue and circulation. A more therapeutic treatment is best on a rest day or your lightest training day. Plan a lovely bath after treatment to maximise the benefit.

Don’t Train Through the Pain!

runner with knee pain

The longer you leave a niggle or a slight injury you risk it getting worse. A good therapist may even spot a more serious injury or condition and refer you to another health practitioner. Incorporating regular massage into your training can reduce the risk of injury and help you to keep performing. Work out a reasonable maintenance level of massage for the level of activity that you do to keep it affordable. You’re investing in yourself!

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