Frequently asked questions

No! Sports massage is a brilliant treatment for anyone who is experiencing muscle tension, restricted movement and muscular pain.

I regularly treat office workers, teachers, and a lot of trades people.

I always work to the level of pressure that suits you and sometimes less pressure is the best way to start!

So it should always feel like a ‘good’ pain that is releasing tension rather than a pain that is causing an injury.

Loose clothing is always best. Some treatments can actually be given through clothing. Bring a pair of shorts if necessary and make sure you are wearing suitable underwear.

For women wanting a back treatment it is best to wear a bra that unfastens at the back. Towels are used throughout the treatment to ensure you feel comfortable and covered.

I have clients that I treat weekly due to the level of training they do and others who come once a month.

I work to suit your needs and budget. Stretches and exercises are suggested to help to maintain.

I will take a brief medical, lifestyle and work history to help me understand your needs and why any potential problem areas may have occurred.

I may also test the range of movement through certain joints to see how they perform. This will be done whilst you are dressed. All of this will take up time during the first appointment and is essential.

This means that actual hands-on time will be less depending on how complex your history is. Please understand you are paying for all of my time not just the time I am hands-on treating you.

The whole appointment is for an hour. I allow time for taking information and for you getting ready for treatment and dressing afterwards.

So the actual treatment will be for around 50 minutes. This maybe less if I need to give exercises for you to do at home.

First, think how long have you had pain or tension? If you’ve been suffering with neck and shoulder pain for years one session isn’t going to resolve the issue.

I always work around your availability and budget to suit you. I provide exercises and stretches for you to do at home to support the treatment given.

There is no obligation to book a minimum number of sessions but I may recommend having at least three fairly close together and then moving to a maintenance programme.

Yes! If you are within the first 48 hours of an acute injury. To rule out fractures or dislocations seek medical advice.

There are certain medical conditions that contradict sports massage so it is best to contact me first to discuss your concerns before booking a treatment.

Foundation Training Is a combination of strong movements, intentional poses and breathing techniques that have been designed to help you move away from pain by strengthening the posterior chain of muscles - your back muscles, gluteals, hamstrings and calves.

This helps to combat the compression that is put on the body by modern living - working on laptops, sitting, driving and using mobile phones. It is often this compression that leads to chronic pain and muscle imbalance.

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