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5 Ways to Make Your Body Feel Good!

Why Doesn’t Your Body Feel Good?

So why doesn’t your body feel good? Injuries can cause pain. That is easy to understand! But what many people don’t think of are all the other factors that stop your body feeling good. So let’s stop and have a think about this. Imagine in your mind a person who is really down or depressed. How are they standing and carrying themselves? Hunched up? Head hanging forward? Maybe they don’t move very much and spend time sitting down. Tense posture and inactivity can cause muscles to become weak and tight, eventually leading to pain.

Stress & Pain

The connection between mental stress and IBS symptoms is well known, but stress can cause other symptoms too. Headaches, aching shoulders, neck pain, tight shoulders and lower back pain can all stem from mental stressors. If any of these symptoms are things that you are experiencing right now then just write a list of what is getting you down or causing you stress. I wonder if your list might include any of the following?

  • Work
  • Relationships
  • Money
  • Health
  • Family
  • Environment

If you have feelings of anxiety the more tense and constricted your muscles become. These muscles struggle to work well and become fatigued

How to Feel Body Good!

For your body to feel good also means you need to be mind good too! My go to list of simple things that I can fit easily into my day are:

Environment! Changing your environment changes your mood, it can even help manage how you experience pain! Studies have shown that patients manage pain from surgery better just from looking at pictures of nature!

Move! I love a dance in the kitchen, a brisk walk or yoga. Moving in ways that you love and make you feel good help your body to come out of stress response and into relaxation!

Get a whole lot better at sleep! Ditch the technology out of your bedroom. Screens off earlier. Work out a bed time routine and stick to it. Even getting up at the same time every day, even on the weekends can help. Stop looking at the clock if you do wake up, it causes stress and can make you focus on how little sleep you’ve had, or worry about getting up in the morning. I love a guided meditation. My go to is from Ali Hollands from Inspired to Change Maidstone. You can download it for free here.

This can be a tough one! Putting yourself first! I was really inspired by Brene Brown with this. I kept finding that I was agreeing to do things for other people and then feeling really resentful. She taught me to feel the discomfort of saying now rather than allow resentment to brew! It can really feel like you’ve put down some heavy weights when you put yourself first. Saying no is essential at times! Getter better at it!

One of my absolute favourites! I have suffered with anxiety in the past and always found that lifting weights helped me get out of my head, into my body in a good way and feeling brilliant. It is like an amazing reset to feeling better.

You finding your ways of combating stress is going to help your body to feel better! Have a body good week!

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