Solutions for lower back, shoulder & hip pain.

Rainham, Kent

Solutions for lower back, shoulder and hip pain

Body Good Therapies, Rainham, Kent

Solutions for lower back, shoulder & hip pain.

Sports Massage

To loosen up, move better and manage minor injuries.

Remedial Massage

Massage combined with movement to reduce pain and get you moving better!

Foundation Training

Motion is the best lotion to help you manage lower back, shoulder and hip pain. 

Sports Massage in the Medway Towns

Carol Seaborne is a Soft Tissue Therapist based in Rainham, Kent. Her clinic is found at 105 Station Road ME8 7SE and is easily reached from Gillingham, Chatham, Rochester etc.

Appointments are 60 minutes and cost £45.00. Clinic is open Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. To book an appointment call Carol on 07811 388339 or email here.

Sports and remedial massage provides fantastic tools to reduce aches, pain and ease symptoms. Whilst Foundation Training, is a progressive movement system for the management of lower back, hip and shoulder pain.



Shoulder Pain

Are you struggling with an irritated, stiff or weak shoulder? Symptoms need to be calmed down with a good massage. Then adapted mobility exercises followed up with increased load to regain strength. Foundation Training teaches you how to engage your shoulder and improve rotation.

back pain sports massage

Lower Back Pain

Is your lower back pain stopping you from living your best life? Learn how to manage your pain and symptoms through understanding pain science and how movement can benefit you. Foundation Training has been specifically designed for lower back pain. You will feel more confident about your back and move better!

runner with knee pain

Minor Sport injuries

If you have a minor sporting injury I can help with rehab. Advanced sports massage techniques and progressive exercises to get you back to your activities!

back treatment sports massage

Move Better

Soft Tissue Therapy can really restore confidence as you get moving again after an injury. I help joints to feel more mobile and reduce fear of movement with gentle techniques.

range of movement sports massage

Improve range of motion

Loss of flexibility can stem from a sedentary lifestyle, too much training or from old injuries. A sports massage using Muscle Energy Techniques can help muscles to regain a fuller range of motion.


Stress reduction

Deep tissue massage promotes a sense of wellbeing and self care. Often leading to a reduction of feelings of stress and anxiety that we experience in our day to day lives.


"Regular deep tissue massage with Carol has improved my running and my posture. It’s now part of my regular self care regime. Highly recommend. "

Deborah Turner
Rainham, Medway

"Had the best sports massage of my life. Carol was really sensitive to tight areas and sore spots. My legs feel better today than they have in years! I will definitely be back and couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much. "

Jess Madwell
Rainham, Medway

Carol gave me an amazing sports massage. I've had several sports injuries as well as a job that entails standing & bending over a couch for 8 hours a day. I feel more supple and move more easily. I would highly recommend!

Camilla Seton
Rochester, Medway

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